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Employing sophisticated patient specific techniques and cutting-edge computer assisted technology, Dr. Kerina personalizes each patient’s knee replacement surgery, matching each individual’s alignment and fit.
Arthritis of the Knee
Degenerative arthritis of the knee is usually triggered by an injury to the cartilage in the knee. It usually develops over time and presents as progressive pain, decreased range of motion or increasing bow legged or knock-kneed deformity. Take a look at the above video to learn more about arthritis of the knee, its presentation and treatment.
Patient Specific Computer Assisted (PCA) MyKnee Total Knee replacement

Dr. Kerina personalizes each knee replacement surgery using a sophisticated CT Scan based computer program to allow for the development of a precise model of each patient’s lower extremity and knee. All the surgical angles and component sizes are then patient matched allowing for precise patient specific alignment and fit. Watch the video above for more insight into these cutting edge surgical techniques.

Partial Knee Replacement
Today’s knee replacement candidate is on average healthier and more active than just 15 years ago. Dr Kerina has spent the last 15 years developing and perfecting the BAR surgical technique and MOTO partial knee implant system. This new generation partial knee replacement and surgical technique allows Dr Kerina’s high performance patients to get back in the game.
High Performance Partial Knee Replacement – A Testimonial Story
Curious about the recovery process for a high performance athlete? Watch the video above to follow one of Dr Kerina’s high performance patients through their recovery after a BAR MOTO Partial Knee Replacement..

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