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Employing sophisticated techniques and cutting-edge technology Dr. Kerina and the team at UNOVA Hip & Knee Center treat patients suffering from hip arthritis.
Arthritis of the Hip
Degenerative arthritis of the hip commonly presents after age 30, although it can present in any age group. It usually presents as groin pain and stiffness in the mornings and after activities. Surprisingly, it can also first present as pain in the knee. Take a look at the above video to learn more about arthritis of the hip, its presentation and treatment.
Outpatient Opioid Free Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement
Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement is a sophisticated technique employed by Dr. Kerina and the team at the UNOVA Hip & Knee Center to equip patients for Narcotic and Opioid free rapid recovery outpatient Total Hip Replacement. Watch the video above for additional insight into these cutting edge programs.
Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement- A Testimonial Story
Curious about the recovery process after a direct anterior total hip replacement? Watch the video above to follow one of Dr Kerina’s patients through their recovery after an anterior total hip replacement.

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